OrionTEK Services

District Cooling Management, Billing & Collections Contact Us

For Building Owners and Owner Associations / Managers:

We provide end to end services for management of utility accounts for consumers, covering administrative and financial management including billing and collections for buildings and Owners Associations.

As part of our district cooling management services, our team of trained experts provides ongoing monitoring of chilled water consumption on a building / community level, and advises asset owners/managers of changes in consumption patterns supported by root cause analysis.

Our ultimate aim is to assist asset owners & operators to reduce asset operating costs by a) ensuring chilled water is accurately billed to end users, and b) focusing on lowering utility (chilled water) consumption across the community.

We are able to customize a solution to fit each client’s requirements due to our extensive track record in a variety of project types across the UAE in the residential, commercial and retail industry sectors.

For Utility Consumers:

Our ultimate aim is to provide on-time services that improve transparency and to help consumers monitor and ultimately reduce their utility consumption.

We offer 24/7 customer support on all of our projects. Our online portal allows customers to register, request for move in / move out permits, process security deposit refunds and pay online. Our customized payment solution ensures real-time account updates and allows customers to download bills and check their account from the comfort of their own home or anywhere in the world.

Our Contact Center (800 67466835) can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which will ensure your questions and comments are dealt with and responded as fast as possible.

Our customers can pay their utility fees through the following channels:

  • Credit/debit cards via our online portal
  • Cash payment via our dedicated multi service payment kiosks – 500 locations across UAE
  • Cash Collection at your door (VIP Service)
  • Cheque via drop box
  • Direct bank transfer

BTU Meter Maintenance & Repair Services Contact Us

Regular preventative maintenance is important to ensure the accuracy of all BTU meters and readings. Accurate readings mean accurate billing, ensuring customers only get charged what they consume.

Our maintenance team in conjunction with our billing team keeps a close eye on the energy and/or water consumption of your property, analysing data for any abnormalities. Where readings show erratic consumption patterns, our technical department is notified and react to rectify on your behalf.

Technicians from our engineering team will respond to faulty meter alerts, undertake the repairs as required between billing cycles to ensure accuracy in billing.

Our maintenance team provides services to replace or repair faulty meters ensuring optimal performance of metering systems including submeters. We also offer preventative maintenance checks inside customer villas, apartments or offices, a service that is fast, reliable and efficient.

BTU Meter installation Contact Us

OrionTEK employs trained staff who can perform initial meter installation and ongoing maintenance. We can offer a solution for properties that are centrally cooled or have stand-alone chillers.

Our project engineers can complete an assessment of your property and then develop a design for retro fitting BTU meters that will accurately record energy consumption on a meter basis.

Our team has experience with working in properties that are fully occupied. All of our meters are supplied by industry leading suppliers offering the latest technology and European quality.

Energy Consultancy Contact Us

Sustainability and efficient energy management are two of our key goals. We are passionate about working to identify and implement opportunities to enhance the energy efficiency in buildings, and ultimately make a positive impact. We deliver this through two business lines:

Energy Audits

Our team of energy experts evaluates the energy existing efficiency of a building, and in the process identify areas where enhancements can be made to improve (lower) energy consumption, thereby reducing energy costs and environmental impact for asset owners & managers.

Energy audits are done in accordance with both international standards (e.g. ASHRAE / BEAP) as well as regional best practice frameworks (e.g. Estidama)

Retrofits for Improved Energy Efficiency

We are conscious that in the GCC, the largest share of property operating costs is consumed by utilities. Energy reduction therefore is not only the key to reducing operating costs for asset owners and managers, but also forms part of key national government goals across the region, with a number of state-sponsored energy efficiency drives recently launched.

Whether it is switching to LED lighting, HVAC improvements or installing a solar power system, OrionTEK’s team of experts has the experience to advise clients on optimal solutions to achieve better energy efficiency inside their buildings, as well as end to end project management and solution delivery.